Best Rain Shower Heads Reviews 2021 – Top 10 Models Compared

Best Rain Shower Heads

Last updated: November 22, 2019

For those that are in the market to renovate their existing bathroom or install a new one, there are countless options and styles available. Thanks to technological advances, modern bathrooms are more comfortable, stylish, and environmentally friendly than ever before. One item that has become widely popular in recent years is the rain shower head, with many homeowners opting to install these over traditional shower heads.

What is a rain shower head?

 A rain shower head is considered a luxury alternative to the smaller, more conventional shower head. A rain shower head hangs directly overhead and simulates the feeling of rainfall. They are wider in size and deliver a less concentrated stream of water than other shower heads, providing a gentler and more relaxed experience.

Why you should use rain shower

 With its wider area of coverage and gentle massage feature, a rain shower head can transform your shower into a spa-like environment. Many people worry that they won’t provide an adequate amount of pressure compared to a traditional shower head. This is simply untrue. High quality rain shower heads can provide even better pressure than customary heads while offering a broader spray area for a full-body experience. On top of this, they offer a more consistent flow of water, meaning that users won’t have to worry about one shower being more or less effective than the next. Consider the look of sophistication that they add to any bathroom, and they may just be the perfect accessory.

Rain shower head features

 Rain shower heads come stocked with a variety of built in features and options. The overhead positioning creates a more inclusive and consistent flow of water, allowing the user to enjoy a more efficient shower. Many rain shower heads include adjustable necks, giving the ability to raise and lower the showerhead as well as place it to spray at a different angle. This is perfect for families with members who have varying preferences when it comes to the proximity and position of their shower spray.

Top 10 Rain Shower Heads with Reviews

 1.) Rozin Bathroom Replacement 

The Rozin 16-inch Brushed Nickel Brass Rain Shower comes equipped with a water powered LED Light Top Showerhead. A blue light indicates cold water, green light illuminates for warm water, and a red light signifies hot. If the light is flashing red, the water is considered to be dangerously hot, allowing users to turn the temperature down without having to test the water. This unique shower head comes in sizes ranging from 8 to 20 inches, offering them at prices from $22 to $205, meaning that this shower head can be customized to fit nearly any bathroom or budget.

2.) DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ 

The DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9” Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo is perfect for homeowners who want choices when it comes to showering. The rain fall shower head can provide a lavish soaking experience while the hand shower with push-button flow-control offers simple operation and accuracy. This fashionable shower head is easy to install and hits the market at only $39.99, meaning that it is an excellent rain shower head for first time purchasers.

3.)  Vida Alegría RAIN Shower Head

The Vida Alegría Spashower head comes in chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze, giving three stunning options to match any home. With 144 jet nozzles, this elegant shower head provides intense, comforting, and reliable water coverage for any shower user. This is heavy shower head however, so strong supporting plumbing is required for installation. Vida offers a solid brass 18-inch shower arm extender, sold separately, that can provide the strength needed to make this work in most showers. The sleek, minimalist look will mesh with any modern home, and functionality is not sacrificed for beauty with the Spashower. With a 3-year guarantee and a price tag of only $48.99, this is an affordable and reliable rain fall shower head.

4.) HMARK Luxury Rain Shower Combo

The HMARK Luxury Rain Shower Combo emanates pure elegance and class. Outfitted with a 10-inch square rain shower head and a separate shower arm and hose, this high-tech shower head provides multiple luxurious options for its users. It also includes a quick-filling brass tub spout for those occasions when a full body both is more appropriate. The lustrous, comprehensive design is a flawless complement for any modern bathroom and sophisticated home. This one comes in at a price of $279.50, so it is not the cheapest option out there. However, its quality is indisputable, and it includes a lifetime warranty. With its phenomenal reviews, owners of this masterpiece have been raving about their purchase.

5.) Starbath 12-inch Rain Shower Head

The Starbath 12-inch Rain Shower Head with Hand Shower is another combination rain head that allows for multiple uses and preferences. It includes a 59” hose for the hand shower, meaning any user will benefit from plenty of coverage. It also comes standard with a 2-way in-wall shower diverter, so users can easily switch between the rainfall or handheld option. Offering either a square or round shower head, buyers get to choose the look that works best with their current bathroom. Starbath utilizes high-tech ceramic engineering with their disc cartridge, meaning that this rain fall shower head will be delivering a deluxe shower experience for a long time. At just under $200, this is a high-end shower head, but it is highly reviewed and generally considered to be worth every penny.

6.) Brass Rainfall Shower Systems 

Another full body experience with multiple options, the Embather Brass Rainfall Shower System is made of polished chrome and includes a handheld shower in addition to the overhead rain shower. This shower head comes fully equipped with a lifetime guarantee that covers any quality control problems. It has a multi-layer finish that produces a reflective, metallic, and modern look while maintaining a sturdy build to protect it from scratches, abrasions, and corrosion. It is easily installed, so any buyer with a standard shower system will be enjoying the benefits of the Embather system within minutes.

7.) Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet Set 8″ 

The Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet has a more traditional look but provides up-to-date functionality. This is perfect for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a rain fall shower head but who aren’t quite ready to change the entire look of their bathroom to match the appearance of the more contemporary shower options. It comes equipped with a rainfall shower head as well as a handheld shower, like many of its more modern counterparts. The rain shower height is adjustable, making this a convenient choice for a shared shower that has users of multiple heights. The Aquafaucet can be purchased for $185.99 and has excellent reviews on Amazon.

8.) SR SUN RISE 12 Inch Rain Shower Head

The SR Sun Rise Luxury Round Rainfall Shower head is an exceptional and affordable product for those who need customization with their rain fall shower. The shower head comes in either a 10 or 12-inch round version, and users can opt for ceiling or wall installation, making it suitable for any style of shower. With air energy technology, the pressure is fantastic and offers a soothing experience that compares to even the most expensive shower heads. Priced at only $55.99, this is a high-quality product for the buyer on a budget.

9.) 12 Inch Rain Shower Head

This next low-cost shower head comes in at only $36.99, but don’t be fooled by the small price tag. The Aello stainless steel shower head is durable, stylish, and reliable. With an 8” rectangle shower head, this easy-to-install rain shower head provides plenty of coverage to for cleaning and more than enough pressure to enjoy a relaxing, soothing shower. Customers have been raving about the Aello shower head, and at this price, it’s easy to see why.

10.) Aquafaucet Brushed Nickel Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Combo

The second showing by Aquafaucet on this list, the Brushed Nickel Luxury Rain Combo set offers a more luxurious, contemporary counterpart to the other item. At the same price of $185.99, Aquafaucet gives buyers the choice to go old-school or new-school while maintaining the same reliable functionality. The Brushed Nickel version comes complete with an 8-inch shower head as well as a solid brass shower arm and handheld shower head. A ten-layer chrome plated finish gives this bright, smart look while protecting it from corrosion and abrasions. With a pressure balance valve cartridge, this monitors water pressure balance, meaning that users will be protected from sudden changes in water pressure that could result in scalding. This is a truly fantastic machine with a variety of features that would look and operate wonderfully in any bathroom.

A rain shower head is a minor purchase that provide major benefits for any home and bathroom. These are the best rain shower heads that money can buy, and with the most expensive one coming in at just under $300, they are all relatively affordable, especially when considering the scope of the cost of other renovations. With the ultimate in comfort and luxury, a rain shower head can convert a normal, everyday bathroom into an extravagant spa, providing consistent water flow and perfect pressure, making for a quality shower experience every single time.

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