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best punching bag

With a punching bag, you train your endurance and stamina, improve your technique and refine your motor skills. To achieve this, do not even need a sparring partner and get away without blue eyes and pain. A punching bag is wonderful to, to reduce excess energy and anger and to draw them in positive ways.
Best of all, your punching bag not resents your attacks you and not striking back. Before you choose the training with a punching bag, you must consult but good about this topic, because you can not just start reading. You have mastered the box technique only inadequate, threatening at worst injuries or negative impact on your musculature system.Our best punching bag comparison guide for 2019 will help you to find out in detail about this topic. Our buying guide offers also useful tips for mounting and the right training for you.

Best Punching Bag Comparison Chart

With a punching bag, you can individually perform your workout in your home. You are not dependent on expensive gym and opening hours. What‘s more convenient than after a stressful day at work no more kilometers to the nearest gym to go, but just to put on the boxing gloves, a room to go further and to start training?
Also experienced Boxer will appreciate the workout with the punching bag, because they can improve their technique with this device. A punching bag but is not limited to the traditional boxes, but is suitable also for cardio training. It is so-called fitness boxing, your calories and your pulse and heart rate measures during training. We introduce in our product review 2016useful accessories that you effectively complement your fitness training.

What is a punching bag?

A punching bag is a training device in bag form, consisting usually of leather or imitation leather, if he is free-swinging attached than classical variant under the ceiling. A punching bag is perfectly suited to exercise clout, movement, stamina and heart cardiovascular activity. It is made sometimes of nylon or fabric than stand on a pedestal.

How is punching bag made ?

Punching bags are cylindrical and have an outer skin made artificial leather or real leather. Often, they are made from vinyl or nylon. The classic punching bags are by means of a bracket and screw anchors in the ceiling bolted and equipped with a chain device to adjust the height variable. Punching bags in the upcoming version are mounted on a plinth and are also as a punching bag because this variant is filled mostly with sand is referred to.
However, the preferred filling for both model types is fabric because it is not as heavy as sand and also variable, because he can be better distributed within the punching bag as sand, which is always same density. Material can be distributed so that more material is used up less material and in the middle. Thus, the clubface is harder, but so flexible that the recorded blows softer fall out in the middle.

Functions of a punching bag

The main function of a punching bag is that it offers the possibility of effective fitness training in your own four walls of gyms and their opening hours. Depending on the type the punching bag is attached to the ceiling by means of a hang- or with a stand in the space provided. Both variants will require slightly more space than other exercise bikes such as a stepper or a yoga mat.
If you are already a good Boxer, we recommend you to accompany your boxing with a punching bag, because they guarantee a holistic training only in this way. A punching bag must be not always expensive, there are also models of the low to middle price class, which are suitable in particular for beginners.To find out whether the training with a punching bag is the right fitness choice for you, you should try out different punching bags at a gym or at a sporting goods store.
Can perform a fitness check by your doctor so that you can assess your level of fitness. Also your doctor by a punching bag training discourages you, if you don’t bring the physical requirements for this training for some reason.If you have clarified everything, your punching bag test does have and are sure that this type of exercise is right for them, is nothing more of purchase and your career at the punching bag is in the making.
  • Punching bag does not throw punches back at you and therefore its suitable for beginners
  • Trains endurance, power, technique and motor skills
  • Very well suited for endurance training
  • Wonderful device to the stress and anger reduction
  • Suitable for cardio workout
  • Training is independent of a gym or a training partner
  • Not intended for the training of percussion rhythm
  • Not suitable for the training of the speed and reaction
Areas of application
Consult training before by a user, who has already made experience with the training on the punching bag. Incorrectly apply the batting practice it can quickly come to bad posture of the musculature system.Also, an injury or a fracture of fingers and wrists is possible if you keep them wrong during impact training. The best boxing is batting practice to the muscle and cardio training to improve and monitor the physical fitness kick boxing for high energy consumption.

What types of punching bags are on the market ?


The classic punching bag hanging cantilever under the ceiling. Most athletes prefer this hanging variant to train their accuracy and to make more effective the sports unit. A hanging punching bag you can prance around and run flexible any movement that comes straight to mind. By the stepping you imitate perfectly a combat situation in a box arena as perform professional boxers.

The disadvantage is that the punching bag free oscillating with a ceiling mount is fixed and therefore needs an extra allocated space in your home. As punching bags are rather small, they need the corresponding place. You can use this part of your home not more otherwise. But not only for your punching bag, you need lots of space, but also for the immediate surroundings, because you must ensure, that your training course is not too tight and be affected by intrusive pieces of furniture. This negative training situation affect your effective punching bag training.


A punching bag, which is placed on a pedestal, is a sand-box sack and thus less large and stable such as the classic punching bag by means of ceiling suspension. However our sandbag comparison showed that on some models the stand not stable enough are executed and the punching bag when the training can tip over easily.
The advantage of a sand bag is that it takes less space than a traditional punching bag and is also flexible with regard to the training ground, because you can place it where it suits and after training in the next corner. The standing punching bag can be filled with sand or water. A filling is sufficient for children, for adult athletes, we recommend a sand filling, as this material has a higher density. Thus, it gives more stability the stand.
There are also punching bags that are suitable for children, if they are lighter and smaller. The clout of this punching bags must definitely lower, as children of a smaller body size and a lighter weight as adults have. The bag must be at eye level of children.A standing punching bag should be no more height than 120 cm, also about a hanging punching bag should be same length. The playing surface is optimal with 40 to 50 cm for children.
If you are not sure what size are appropriate for your child, go out of the dimensions of your punching bag and halve this measure to achieve an approximately optimal size.Otherwise, you can ask a qualified engineer in the gym or in the sporting goods store. Punching bags for kids can like something striking fail in the colour and be provided with prints that fit well with the nursery. Your child to sports and exercise can cheerfully patterned punching bags motivate.

What was tested in our reviews ??


Our product review must answer the question of what material is better suited for a punching bag, leather or imitation leather? A wave off immediately with imitation leather, for them is only a model made of genuine leather in the House. However, there are professional athletes, who swear by punching bags made of synthetic leather. So, we have subjected both to a stress test from personal experience a final answer to find what kind of leather is better and which bag is durable.

We have found that both box bag types have their raison d ‘ être. Both the real leather and the artificial leather have passed our stress test. Leather punching bags have a very good build quality, the seams are properly and the leather is fraying even after extended use of the punching bag. Genuine leather is however more sensitive when it comes to cleaning. Use a leather care agents and definitely not conventional cleaning agents, as they attack the leather and leave faded places and spots.

Leatherette is insensitive in this respect, the short cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient. Cleaning fails once comprehensive something, use warm water and a mild detergent. Punching bags made of vinyl, which prove tear at regular and intensive training sessions offer an excellent price-performance ratio. The bag made of vinyl remains intact even after many blows, kicks, and a long time.

Genuine leather is slightly more sensitive as a natural material and can be quite damaged during training, for example, regularly claimed points such as the stroke width when exposed to extreme can tear and a hole. With our punching bag comparison however, we have the experience, that this damage occur very rarely, and in really extreme conditions. In general we noted no serious disadvantages or shortcomings in two types of leather. In the test are both punching bags made of genuine leather, artificial leather, nylon and vinyl.


Even though both types of box bag in terms of material characteristics recorded a tie, the flaw in the otherwise not to break except those graduated faux leather is processing. In this regard, we see clear differences between punching bags made of genuine leather and artificial leather set. Models leather regularly exhibit a good workmanship, what‘s the stitching and the number of seams. These models come out with a minimal number of seams and very well stitched, so put down the punching bags at the extremely claimed points of impact.
This statement must not mean that models made of artificial leather in General exhibit a defective seams. As with other products, the price determines the quality in this case also. The punching bags from the lower price segment have often too many seams, making them extremely vulnerable to tearing. The models from the upper to middle price class, however, have similar a few seams such as punching bags made of genuine leather. No matter whether your punching bag is made of leather or imitation leather, make sure that it has a double seam tracking in the area, where the hanging bracket for attaching to the ceiling is located.
This double seam should have in addition two rivets, to stabilize the mount. There are also punching bags that have only suspensions, which are sewn through cross. This punching bags have not proven comparison in our punching bag, because the suspensions are not stable and tested models quickly out of the holder and down fall and tear at these points. This can be dangerous if you‘re not far enough away and the punching bag can fall.
There are models for self filling and which ones you already reach. Punching bags are filled with practical, because you need to take care not to fill material and quantity of material. Filled with fabric, which makes flexible the punching bag and best absorbed power, is ideal.
This filling is slightly more up mostly something low and mid. So the stroke center is stress-resistant, but nevertheless the strength varies, as is the fabric stuffing upwards, because adequate alternate space is available. Thus, the beats not too hard fail what protects hands and joints.
Height and Weight
Before buying a punching bag you must be aware, what you want to start. Occasional batting practice has not such high demands on your model such as endurance training and kick boxing. The smaller models with 80 cm playing surface is sufficient for simple requirements. Higher loads start with a face more than 90 cm, a size of 120 cm is ideal. The punching bag is larger, the harder it is to bring these surgical strikes to swing.
We prefer the models allowing to easily bring to vibrate to avoid an ineffective training. If you train with light, but fast punches on endurance, you want to come sweat to really feel your workouts. Therefore, your punching bag should be not too easy. The punching bags we tested has a filling dish from 18 to 140 kg. With 140 kg, a punching bag is very sturdy and heavy, the user should bring therefore a corresponding body size and the right weight. A weight of 70 to 80 kg is ideal, so not too heavy swings of the punching bag and the user must use not too much clout. The lightweight models under 30 kg own suitable for sparring units, cardio sport or light batting practice.
The punching bags of medium-weight between 80 kg and 113 kg have been shown as fit for almost any body size and body weight. They resonate not too light, and we had to take up not too much clout to put them in motion. The average height is 165 cm to 170 cm. With this measure, the punching bags for some smaller as well as larger box athletes are suitable. Children and adults who are at a height of less than 1.65 m, should opt for the smaller models from 100 cm to 80 cm. The diameter of the models tested by us moves between 35 and 40 cm.
Punching Bag Style
We have tested both standing and hanging models. Only our test winner, a hanging model, the manufacturer also in other sizes are offered. Only a few of the test candidates are available in the respective product variant also in other sizes. All models were positive by design elements. They are suitable for the classic boxing, kick boxing, sparring, cardio training and Muay Thai. Almost all punching bags are suitable for beginners.
Our review winners and our award winners will receive nine out of ten possible points in this respect from us and have proved to be so perfectly. They leave nothing to be desired in terms of stability, because the material quality and the seams are impeccable. All other models that are tested are moving in a price range from $54 to $230. To our surprise, we have found that our test winner and our award winners, moving in the middle to low price range from $60 to $99.
You need access in your wallet, so not always deep in order to create a punching bag. Material and processing manufacturer, are crucial to find out if someone really has a model that has a good price performance ratio. The cheapest model with $54 gets three points deduction, because it showed signs of wear faster than the other models that are tested. However, it scores with imprinted regions and is well-suited to the sparring.
Generally, punching bags should be quiet as sandbag variant have a flexible element of spring training and be space-saving. Classic punching bags with ceiling mount may not too light swing, should be variable by a sturdy chain support in height and have a double seam tracking in the area of suspension.
The most important requirement for your punching bag to really remain under wraps, is adjusting the weight and the ceiling mount. It must be as stable running and attached that keep the punching bag. This punching bag is too heavy for the ceiling mount, pulling out and the falling bag represents a risk of injury to you or your children. Also it may be little beautiful pull-out holes in the ceiling, which is the lesser of two evils in light of the accident risk, however.
The most punching bags include a chain suspension to the height can be adjusted variably. The individual chain links must have a stable quality and perfect workmanship, keep the weight of the punching bag. The hooks for hanging and the dowels must be also stable to secure a stable ceiling guidance. Keep in mind that the ceiling mount bracket must withstand regular large loads. The punching bag swings freely and unfolds much stronger powers than its own weight, perhaps suggests according to the principles of physics.
The models supplied with a swivel are ideal. If you’re technically not too gifted, you entrust the installation of your punching bag a specialist or a specialized hobby craftsmen.

What should I look for when buying a punching bag


The optimal size is crucial for the success of the training, but also for the accommodation on the training ground. Before purchasing you must clear be, which martial art you want to run and how big is the space which is available in your home available. The minimum size of the playing surface for an effective workout must be 80 centimeters. This size is suitable for the athletes who have no great demands on your training and reduced to a pure hit training. Punching bags are also suitable for kick boxing and sparring units from 90 centimeters clout. The face says just how much is the actual training area that catches your activities.

The total height is also important in terms of the available space. She can be varied by a chain on the ceiling use. Train you for example not alone on the punching bag, but other family members, this is an advantage regulate height adjustment by means of chain, because the better athletes have certainly different body sizes. At the Sandbag, face depends on the height of the base. Our punching bag comparison shows that you should choose a good average.

The ideal stroke height fits to your body size or the eventual training partner. We have found that an average height of the punching bag of 1.70 meters is a good guideline. You must take into account that your punching bag with increasing size is also getting heavier. The counterweight to you is serious, you must find the more power your shock, cardiovascular or kick boxing training.


A punching bag is optimally suitable for you, if it accounts for approximately 40 to 50 percent of your body weight to achieve an ideal fight resistance. To easy punching bags swing too easily and quickly back and forth and offer you no shock resistance, the training is ineffective. The punching bag is heavy, the more resistance it spawns and allows you as an effective workout, you sweating and out of breath brings. However, your bag may be not too hard, because if you bring enough force to fight against the weight, he remains static and immobile. Also in this case, perform no suitable training.

You decide on a sandbag box on a stand, he must bear the greater part of the weight. The weights are usually very high and scare off potential buyers. This refers exclusively on the stand, the Sandbag to achieve the necessary stability, to counteract your clout. The difficulty level and mobility of the sand bag, these details have no effect, because the weight is balanced by a flexible spring system, keep moving the Sandbag, unless he tips over during training. We have found that sand bags with a less flexible set spring element are more resisting the user and thus make the training more effective. The more flexible the spring element, you need less effort.


The material quality is a prerequisite your punching bag is as alive and moving. In addition, the material should be designed so that the bag is easy to clean. The classic punching bag is made of leather, a material which we pronounce a clear purchase recommendation. This natural material is flexible, durable, robust and has a good seam finishing. Also the cleaning with little effort. For users who want to train only occasionally and make no great demands on their punching bag, a model made of artificial leather is enough, some say, others claim these models are indestructible.

We have done the test and compiled the results for you under the point “So we have tested the punching bags”. Another variant is the punching bag made of vinyl, a synthetic fiber that looks very much like leather and is the first choice for punching bags are made of artificial materials. Sand bags are usually made of polyester, a material that did not last long withstand the incoming load. You decide on a sandbag, is our recommendation to purchase in a model made of nylon that keeps out light loads such as cardio training. For all training sessions, which go beyond this, then we recommend a classic Punchbag made of leather or imitation leather.

Martial Arts

We recommend martial art, which make higher demands on your punching bag, such as kick boxing, sparring or batting practice, always the classic Punchbag made of leather or imitation leather, because it withstands the incoming loads. A length of 100 cm is ideal for kick boxing.


Most models are already filled. Although the term sandbag is used, the classic punching bags with fabric remnants or wood pellets are filled. Of course, even sand is used like because this material due to its density is ideal. The punching bag but has damage due to a torn seam or a hole, running out of sand, wood pellets and fabric remnants, however, does not affect the damage. Some punching bags can buy even without filling and carry this desire itself.

Regardless the material quality we advise always to a boxing with gloves. There are punching bags, which are designed, that the user even can refill it, if the material wears off after a long time, slipping down, wet or lumpy. You are provided with a zipper. Open box bags made of leather or fabric if necessary also at the seams to refill new material. But on it, make sure that you then sew the seam with a stable thread.


The nature of the material includes also the color. Many punching bags are offered in black color. The processing must be so good that the punching bag is colorfast, because he otherwise rub off when he comes with door frames, walls, furniture or clothing in contact. Even with good quality be sure however, that your punching bag always has enough distance to its surroundings. More common colors are Brown, red and blue.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Century models are often the first choice when it comes to enter the punching bag training. They weigh between 35 and 40 kg and are supplied with a sturdy chain suspension and a swivel for the ceiling mount. You are with fabric remnants filled. It is pleasantly noticed in the test that manufacturers are so looking ahead, to provide, so a simple refilling their products with zippers is possible and you don’t have to buy a new punching bag at the first signs of wear.

These models are available in different length 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm. The weight of the hammer punching bags is ideal, because a too great weight affected your training, because you have to muster a too much clout to move the punching bag. A strong impact also hurts your wrists.On the home page of bad company for detailed information around the topic of punching bag. The manufacturer produces different products for different arrangements, here both beginners and professionals will find it. In our product review in 2016, the punching bags of this brand are positively noticed with regard to materials, processing and stitching. This brand is represented in the top as well as in the middle and low price.

The State punching bags of knockout are compact and robust processes with a flexible spring element. Who has no way in its premises, to install a free-floating punching bag under the ceiling, which should rely on the sandbags by knockout. The Sandbag does swing perfectly what he should to enable effective training. The leather quality is very good and the stitching so ideal that the Sandbag withstands all incoming loads.Make sure the stand on a maximum fitting, ensure a sufficient standing stability. A 15 times fitting is optimal.
The well-known sporting goods manufacturer scores with a wide selection of different models in different price ranges, so that for every kick boxer is right here. The models tested by us are moving in an affordable price range from $58 to $80. With the box set “Junior” the manufacturer takes into consideration the little Boxer.In various customer reviews, the Adidas models regularly cut with very good grades. But these bags are more suitable for one with bigger budget. These designs move at a price level of $160 and are of appropriate quality. The punchline models are available in different sizes and designs.
The manufacturer sells also accessories such as wall mounts and legionnaries. Who has affixed his punching bag under the ceiling and would at some point but rather upgrade to a wall, subsequently can order them from the manufacturer. In the punching bag compare all models have noticed positive. A plus point is there for the executions, the weight of which can be variably determined by their filling.

Internet vs. Shops: What option is best for purchasing a punching bag ?

The punching bag is the problem that he has a high weight depending on the size and model, what is the shipping cost. As larger models can quickly come from $40 and more on shipping costs, if you ordered them online. This does not mean, however, that punching bags for this kind of shopping are completely unsuitable.You need to search something, to find the provider with the lowest shipping costs. There are also vendors that to calculate their prices, no additional shipping costs. We have found that it is sometimes useful to decide however delivered without shipping costs for a model with a higher final price.

Us is noticed that the punching bags, which are very cheap at first glance the price include often high shipping costs and ultimately cost just as much or more as models with a higher final price. Our research has revealed that the mail order traders Amazon in this respect regularly offers models with a good price-performance ratio.An online shopping offers many advantages. You have the choice between many vendors and models that do not have them in the stationary trade. Online merchants have mostly better price performance ratio, because they can dispense with sales areas in proximity to its customers in the expensive downtown areas and pass on this benefit to their customers.

On the Internet you can obtain detailed information about comparison portals. Our product testing we manufacturer run independently and guarantee you a completely neutral assessment of the models we tested. We have no interest in selling the tested products and are thus not dependent on, to generate sales with the test candidates.We have considered all commercially available models in our product test punching bag and give both the test candidates from higher than even the lower price segment a chance.

In addition, we inform you in detail about all pros and cons and tell you what to look for.Our guide informs you about the ideal box training and how to see the ceiling to securely attach your punching bag. We provide you with the assessment of other customers available, which already use the models we tested. The independent opinion of consumer to consumer generated a great deal of trust.


The history of the punching bag

The bag goes back to professional boxing of professional athletes. This martial art can look back on a long tradition, because the first fight was already running in 1681. The battle was fought without rules, you didn’t know boxing gloves and sporting fairness. The first set of rules has been recorded in 1743.Over the next two centuries, the boxing first still unprofessional was running in street fighting, enjoyed popularity.

Athletes and coaches have always been professional and the martial arts becoming increasingly attractive, which went to the prize money. Many amateur boxers were promoted professionally and quickly became professional fighters who brought a lot of money their sponsors.The punching bag goes back to this prancing combat and baton technique, giving amateur athletes the opportunity to adjust a professional boxing match in your own four walls, and at the same time to increase their level of fitness.

Interesting facts about the punching bag

How quiet is a standing punching bag?

There are many different manufacturers of punching bags.Our review winner  is a standing punching bag, keep in mind that your workout may not quite quietly fails when scratching the rack above the floor. A good alternative is the training on a carpeted floor, because the noise is eliminated.
However, there is the disadvantage that leaves the stand of grooves and indentations in the carpet.For this kind of punching bag, you should install a hiking mount to stabilize the sand bag. If you need to run already this effort, make a virtue out of necessity and use the wall bracket as additional training device to perform pull-ups. The bracket is attached to the wall with several screws.
Our punching bag test showed that for punching bags with an average weight of approx. 35 kg a four-point steel chain is sufficient. This kind of punching bag is suitable for the training in the hobby room or in the basement, because not every seat in the House is this punching bag holder also really beautiful out.

Properly secure the punching bag

The place where you want to install your punching bag, should be sufficient. He should are not in the vicinity of furniture and other furnishings and offer sufficient space for the prancing around to the punching bag. The bracket must be matched to the weight of the punching bag to ensure that he doesn’t fall down and rips out the suspension from the ceiling.
The ceiling must be massively be made of concrete or have load-bearing elements such as steel girders or beams. Load-bearing elements are rare in free areas, as the first drug of choice will be a concrete ceiling. A wall mount is an alternative to the ceiling mount. Here too, the walls must be solid.
If your walls are made of YTONG, you must use special wall plugs that are suitable for aerated concrete. Your premises should not offer these conditions, you dodge the best on a punching bag with a stand. Wall mounts are available in fixed and variable execution. The variable bracket has the advantage that it removed again after training and can be folded while the rigid execution is firmly attached to the wall.
The easiest way to install a bag under the ceiling, is a box-bag hooks. High-quality models are attached with a swivel and a carabiner. Cheaper versions often have a swivel without carabiner.
Ceiling attitudes, box bag hooks and wall brackets are attached with screws and dowels.
Ceiling mounts receive a plus with a flexible thread from us, because the bag can swing better.Another alternative is the purchase of one box bag stand, which allows the mounting of your punching bag without screws and rawl plugs. This special steel frame provides the necessary stability exercise equipment and is also called a punching bag station.

Tips for a successful boxing

Consider before training, how you want to train with your punching bag, whether you are a beginner or advanced, whether you want to train classic boxing, kick boxing, or sparring. Maybe you‘re also the type that wants to increase just his fitness with an occasional training session. Depending on the objective, you have different requirements on your punching bag, you need to consider when purchasing the correct model.
Start slowly with your workout, to get the clout of the box training. Previously consult with experienced athletes who are familiar with this kind of martial arts.
When the boxing training there to note a lot. Take literature on the rate. Learn about good tutorials on the Internet or in the bookstore in the Department of “Advice”. Sometimes it takes a long time to you making it ideal to move, that your training is effective and remain injury free.
Learning combinations is important for the batting practice so that you train as a boxer. Rehearse two or three combinations as long as until you can run them in his sleep.The faster you strike, you have more power and require less effort. The daily training builds up your shoulder muscles and improves your physical condition and your cardio vascular system.Make sure that your punching bag in height, weight and diameter fits to your body size.
Our punching bag comparison provides all the important information on this subject.Never train without boxing gloves, because they absorb the impact force, protect your wrists and protect against injuries from broken bones or skin abrasions.Last but not least determines the quality of your punching bag of a successful training. The better this is processed, it is more durable. Prefer something more money, and have some of your exercise equipment longer.

Useful accessories


Bandages are useful accessories when training on a punching bag.Even if it is only a “thin material”role, we have found in our comparison test punching bag that it gives much more  stability   during impact training our wrists. Bandages of good quality should be made of sturdy fabric and tough, but at the same time flexible, you can move that your wrists without restrictions.

Boxing gloves

What is true of the punching bag, is transferable to the boxing gloves. You must be of good quality and stable, have not too many seams, and adapt flexibly to the movement of the hand of the athlete. Boxing gloves with extra padding absorb the shocks ideally and injury is not given.

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