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Last updated: November 22, 2019

Are you looking to buy best medicine ball ? If so then dont buy it until you complete reading our guide where we will give you all the top medicine balls for 2020 !

We get to live only once in our entire lifetime. But sad to say a lot of us neglect the advantages of the single life that we only have. Most of us are too busy making money and we tend to forget about the condition of our health. But it is never too late for us to start changing our unhealthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of home workout routines that you can follow from the internet. You don’t need that much equipment. All you need to have is determination and discipline. For starters, you can buy the basic workout equipment; medicine ball.

Sometimes working out is a bit boring if you will not use any fitness equipment. This is why we have different kinds of apparatuses in the gym for you to use. Because these apparatuses are designed for a specific body part for you to workout. And in connection with the medicine ball, it is also gym equipment that allows you to do any exercise that targets your entire body. The more muscle coverage the faster results that you will be seeing in the future after your religious workout.

What is a Medicine Ball ?

If you are wondering what a medicine ball is, it is basically a heavy weighted ball that is used by Persian Wrestlers. Medicine balls look like an ordinary soccer ball or volleyball but they come in different weight and sizes. And according to, in Ancient Greece, athletes use this medicine ball for them to become stronger and look stronger.

It is also used in regaining the mobility of an injured person.  In order for you to use the medicine ball, it requires full body strength so that you will be able to lift it from the floor. Proper positioning of your body is one of the most important keys that you need to do in order to do it smoothly and easily. Today, the medicine ball is used in different workout programs. There is even some individual who buys their own medicine ball and does their workout at home.

How to choose a medicine ball – Buyers Guide

Before purchasing a medicine ball, asses yourself first whether you are a physically fit kind of a person or a newbie in the fitness industry. It may be a little bit weird for you if it is your first time using a medicine ball in your entire life. This is why it is advisable for you to hit the gym and get a personal trainer to help you get started.

It is safer than doing a wrong body positioning during your workout.  And once you’ve consulted your fitness trainer and decided to do your own workouts at home, you can now get your own fitness equipment. And if you decided to use a medicine ball, below are some things you need to consider when you are about to buy a medicine ball.

Know your fitness level

Knowing your fitness level is one of the most important things before you do something different in the gym. It will determine the kind of workout you will be doing, how many repetitions, and how heavy the equipment that you will be carrying.

Know your speed

Your stamina will also determine how heavy the medicine ball that you will be carrying. Because there are medicine ball workouts that require a lot of cardio like running, step test and other cardio exercises that require you to carry a medicine ball.

Know your strength

In the case of a medicine ball and according to, it is advisable to get a medicine ball that weighs 30{fed4b62429415b0ac4e1a150908d84ca3c7c109fec4c54cd383d8447a5a38ea6} to 50{fed4b62429415b0ac4e1a150908d84ca3c7c109fec4c54cd383d8447a5a38ea6} of your single lifting weight capacity. If you can do one bicep curl of a 25lb barbell, the medicine ball that you will be carrying should weigh around 7.5lbs to 12lbs.

Asses your motion control abilities

Flexibility also plays a role when it comes to choosing the right kind of medicine ball that you will be having. You don’t want to overdo yourself when it comes to working out. You should know how far can you isolate your body in different directions. This will help you strengthen different parts of your body that will allow you to do more workouts with the use of a medicine ball.


There are some medicine balls that are made for slamming and made for lifting. The surface will matter because your grip on it will be jeopardized if you don’t know what kind of surface you will be choosing. You can choose between a single surface medicine ball and a multi-surface medicine ball. It is up to you what kind of surface you want and how you will be gripping the medicine ball.


There are medicine balls that are made from rubber and there are some that are made of leather. The kind of material that you will be using will also depend on what kind of workout you will be performing. Because not all medicine balls are designed for slamming workouts.

Best Medicine Balls with Reviews of Top Models for 2020

There are a lot of fitness equipment brands that sell medicine balls. And to make it easier for you to choose which one is the best below is a list of the top 5 medicine balls in the market. This way you will no longer have to go around the store and contemplate which one you will be getting. The great thing about most medicine balls in the market is that they also have an instruction manual that suggests different kinds of workout that you can do with a medicine ball.

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

For starters, if you want to make your workout more fun, you can always have one of the AmazonBassics Medicine Ball. This ball has different weight selections for you to choose from and it comes in color red. The great thing about this kind of medicine ball is that it is comfortable for you to hold on to. There is another medicine ball that easily slips from our fingers. There are a lot of reasons why this happen.

But for the AmazonBasic Medicine Ball, it is made from high-grade rubber that will not allow the ball to slip from your hands even if they are very sweaty. This way you will be able to do your workout routine properly without the hassle of the balls slipping. The ball weighs from 4lbs to 20lbs just choose which weight is good and comfortable for you. And also be sure that you know your fitness level to determine what weight of the medicine ball that you will be getting.

Valeo -Pound Medicine Ball

Te Valeo – Pound Medicine Ball is another kind of medicine ball that is somehow similar to the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball. It is another durable kind of medicine ball where you can do a lot of workout routines with it. It is made with durable rubber that allows you to have a full grip on the ball. We know that any item that is in a rounded shape will be very difficult to hold on to for so long. But with this medicine ball, gripping is made easy because of the rubber construction.

You can also choose between a 4lb medicine ball to 12lbs. Also, there are a lot of color selections for you to choose from. If you are that kind of a person who is very meticulous in matching the color of their mini-gym and their equipments, you no longer need to worry. And if you decided to do your workout at home, this medicine ball comes with a list of the different kinds of exercise that you can do even without a trainer.

Jfit Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning WODs

If you are into wall workouts and partner tosses, the Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning is the one for you. It is made specifically for a not-so-intense workout because of the way it is made. There are some workouts that require a rubberized medicine ball. And there are some that require a medicine ball that has a leatherette coating with seams that are well stitched. But it is still as durable as the rubberized ones the only difference is that it has a smoother texture and allows you to use all of the muscle on your hands.

Because it requires you to make a tighter grip to be able to succeed in your workout. Along with this medicine ball, you will also get a list of different exercise for you to follow. And in order to prolong the lifespan of this kind of a medicine ball is not to use it on slamming exercises. Because there is a tendency that the seams might break off. If you are into squats and lifting, this is the medicine ball for you.

CAP Barbell Medicine Ball

There are a lot of medicine balls in the market that comes in different kinds of textures. The texture of the equipment that you will be using when working out is very important because your performance will depend on how well you hold on to this equipment. Your consistency and comfortability will also matter according to what it is made of.

CAP Barbell Medicine Ball is a single textured medicine ball. This is for you to be able to have a stronger grip and keeping your mind on your workout and not on the way you grip the medicine ball. Just like the other kinds of medicine balls in the market, you can choose from different weight selection.

Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls

Another medicine ball that is similar to CAP Barbell Medicine Ball is the Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls. Champion is known for its different kinds of sports apparel and sports equipment. This is for them to give workout geeks and athletes the right things that they need to use in order to make their training better. The difference between this kind of medicine ball and the other kinds of medicine ball is the way it is constructed.

It has a vertical feature on the side so that it will be easier for you to hold on to it. Also, the leatherette coating is not as slippery as you think. It is made for people who tend to sweat a lot on their hands. This way, you will be able to keep a firmer grip on this medicine ball and be continuous on your workout.


Can you slam medicine balls ?

All medicine balls have the same purpose it is to give you a better workout experience. And as you notice there are two different kinds of medicine balls. One is made for an intense workout that requires you to slam the ball. The one that is made for slamming is made of rubber. The exterior part of the medicine ball is similar to a basketball or a soccer ball. The only thing that made the medicine ball different from the basketball and soccer ball is that it has weights.

And the other one is made for lifting, muscle toning, and strengthening and motion isolation. The exterior material of this medicine ball is made of leatherette and it is being stitched together to keep the material inside in its place. If you use this in slamming exercises, there is a tendency that the seams will break off.

It is up to you to choose which one you prefer in using also the type of workout you will be doing will also matter what kind of medicine ball that you will be using. But either way, you will still be able to do the workout that you want with the use of the medicine ball.

What is a medicine ball made of ?

There is a huge question that a lot of people are asking, what is a medicine ball made of? And what is inside it? It is already mentioned earlier in this article that there are two different kinds of medicine balls. There is one that is made from rubber and the one that is made from leatherette.

And inside the medicine ball also has a different kind of material. Some medicine balls are filled with sand or special kind of padding to add more weight in the ball. There are some medicine balls that have sand and pieces of cloth. This is to keep its circular shape consistent even if you slammed it a lot of times. And for the leatherette type of medicine ball, there are more paddings or cushioning in it to make it easier and comfortable for you to grip.

What weight medicine ball should I use for abs ?

People always have a problem when it comes to burning belly fat. This is because we all love to eat and everything that we eat always fell inside our stomach. And this will lead to abdominal fat and it is the reason why we have a muffin top whenever we wear our favorite jeans. Using a medicine ball is one of the best ways to burning your belly fat. The desired weight to be used will depend on your muscle strength. Usually, 30 of your single weight lift is the desired medicine ball that you should use.

The key in order for you to achieve sexy abs is to be consistent with your workout. And also, challenge yourself by doing a difficult workout routine. Because in the long run it will be easier for you to this exercise and you will have more repetitions. Keeping a good diet is also one of the main keys that you need to think about if your goal is to have abs. Think of this line: “abs are made in the kitchen.” This can help get you motivated in doing your workout and be inspired in achieving those firm abs.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Here are the different exercises that you can do with the use of a medicine ball. But before you do the workout, it is important for you to get your body warmed up. And also always carry a water bottle with you and a towel. This is to make your workout more comfortable and for you to be able to succeed. And one thing you need to remember is to breathe. If you feel a little bit dizzy, just walk around until you will be able to get yourself together.

Slam Ball = 24x

  • Lift the medicine ball in a squat position and raise it overhead.
  • Slam the ball as hard as you can on a squatting position.

Russian Twist =24x

  • Sit on the floor with upper body semi-leaned back
  • Place the medicine ball in front of your chest and bring it to the left and right side alternately

Ball Crunch = 12x

  • Lie on your back with legs on delivery position
  • Place the medicine ball overhead and bring it forward as you go up to a seated position

Squat throw = 24x

  • Place the medicine ball in front of your chest
  • Squat down and as you go back up toss the ball overhead and catch
  • As you catch the medicine ball, do a squat

Rock-Roll-Up = 24x

  • Lie down on your back with medicine ball on your chest
  • Go up to a seated position and transition yourself to a squatting position and stand up
  • Reverse the process and repeat

Lunge Twist = 12x Right & Left

  • Place the medicine ball in front of you with hands straighten
  • As you lounge your right leg, twist your body to the right allowing the medicine ball to face to the right side

Wood Chopper = 24x

  • Standing position. Place the medicine ball on your right side.
  • Pick it up on a squatting position and lift it up to the left side.
  • Place it back on the floor on a squatting position then repeat

Mountain Climbers = 30s

  • Place the medicine ball on the floor. Do a full plank position where your hands are on the medicine ball.
  • Alternately lift your knees close to your elbow

Single Leg Squat = 12x Left & Right

  • Place the medicine ball near your chest.
  • Lift one leg in front and do a squat

Rolling Push-up =24x

  • Place the medicine ball on the right side.
  • Do one push up. And as you go back to a plank position, roll the medicine ball to the left.
  • Do another push-up and roll the medicine ball to the right.

These are just a few of the many medicine ball exercises that you can do. You can do this at home or at the gym. All you need is the right kind of medicine ball and the determination in doing the workout. Always remember to breathe and keep yourself hydrated. It will surely help you in reaching your desired goal. The medicine ball exercises can help you get fit and help you start your fitness journey.


A medicine ball is just one of the many fitness equipments that you can use. The medicine ball is basically all-in-one fitness equipment because you can do a lot of workout routines and programs with just one medicine ball. All you need to do is do some variations in order for you to progress on your workout.

If you want to look good and feel good about yourself, try doing one workout at a time. With the help of a medicine ball, you will be able to achieve your desired body goal or just keeping your lifestyle healthy. The great thing about a medicine ball is that you can use it anywhere you want to.

You can use them at the gym or you can always buy one for yourself in order for you to do home workouts.

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