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Best Handheld Shower Head 2019


Getting the best among available commodities is often problematic for people, and this is not due to the unavailability of the intended commodity, but because of the unavailability of the right information about the commodity. The difference between those who get the best of commodities and those who do not, is because of access to the right information.

In this article, the aim is to provide you with the right information about the best handheld shower head available on the market. Everyone wants to enjoy a good bath. A good handheld shower head is certainly necessary to achieving this.

What is a handheld shower head ?

As the name implies, a handheld shower head is a kind of shower head that differs from the traditional shower head, which, is fixed atop and meant to stream down on an individual taking his shower in the bathroom. A handheld shower head is a kind of shower head that you can easily hold in your hand with a stretched-out hose that can be directed with your hand to any part of your body.

By way of relevant illustration, when you use a handheld shower head and you want the water to actually touch your back instead of streaming down on it, what you need to do is to move the showerhead in your hand to your back and you have your desire fulfilled.

This should suffice as a clear picture of what a handheld shower head is.

Why you should use it handheld one ?

The kind of showerhead described above is often found in hotels all over the world, because of the versatility and convenience it offers customer. Just so, you know, most people are of the opinion that a good handheld shower head gives you a kind of Spa feeling anytime you use it in your home.

As rightly said, you can direct the shower head to any part of your body, and you can have it fixed like the traditional shower to run down on you from your head to your toes.

Now, the feel-good effect is in the fact that you have a multi-purpose shower head. Therefore, you no longer have any appalling difficulty about how you want the water to touch your body.

Furthermore, it is safer than the traditional shower head because you are entirely in control.


The following are the features you will find in any handheld shower head. Of course, manufacturers vary these features according to the market specifications. However, some general features come with handheld shower head.

One of the features of a handheld shower head is the shower hose. This hose is flexible and modifiable to fit. Another feature is the shower filter that can be fixed to the showerhead to degrade chlorinated content and filter other unwanted particles from touching your skin when bathing.

The holder is another feature of hand held shower head. The holder holds the shower head and hose in place whenever you drop the shower head. Certainly, these features are not all-inclusive, but as mentioned earlier, different manufacturers add different features to their products owing to market demands.

The following describes ten of the best handheld shower head available in the market today. They are listed in no particular order.

Best Handheld Shower Heads in 2020

Ana Bath Anti-clog Showerhead

This showerhead ranks as one of the best handheld showerhead and it is popular among people interested in ‘combo shower head’ because of its exquisite and appealing look. This showerhead saves you the unnecessary hassle of using screwdrivers as you can easily install it without technical expertise.

It is important for you to know that it features among many other things, water saving shower technology, a 5 inches multi-purpose handheld showerhead and sometimes, a combination of these sprays. The showerhead comes in two packages namely HS5450 and SH5450. For those concerned about quality assurance, you need not bother as it comes with 3 years warranty.

You can know more about this product here

Hydroluxe Full-chrome 24 function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 shower head/handheld shower combo.

This product cannot be over looked on this list. It offers a 3-way, 2 in 1 shower combination, which includes a handheld shower with hose, together with an overhead showerhead; these two showerheads can be used simultaneously.

It features among other things Rub-clean jets, patented 3-way water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut, an adjustable overhead Bracket, tools, free installation etc.

For quality assurance, it comes with 10 years warranty. You will certainly know more about the product here

Moen magnetix six-function showerhead eco-performance magnetic docking system

Moen’s products are known for their elegant designs, with inspiration drawn from natural patterns. This handheld showerhead has six unique spray options that will give you a customized experience. In addition, you can easily detach the showerhead easily as it has a magnetic docking that allows it to snap and unsnap easily. This one feature adheres many customers to this showerhead.

The abounding positive reviews this product has speaks volume for it.

AKDY ABS Multi-function Massage jets spray fixed showerhead handheld shower wand combo (SHO1O5)

This handheld showerhead is one of the best in the market as it makes showering enjoyable. Its detachable wand makes showering desirable. It has a center dial, which you can use to adjust the shower based on your preferences. It is important to let you know that this showerhead gives you good value for money as it last long and requires little or no maintenance.

Like other showerhead in this guide, this showerhead also has multifarious functions that include rainfall Spray (wand and head), waterfall, hydrating jet etc. In addition, this showerhead releases about 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-jet Hand Shower

This handheld showerhead equally has multiple functions and quality that will give you the kind of pleasure you crave for while showering.  You certainly can never have enough of the soothing, warm rain, whirl-air massage functions it gives. In addition, it features a 4-inch spray face, 3- spray modes, QuickClean technology and no-clog spray channels.

You can order for this product here

Shower Maxx Showerhead

This showerhead is one of the showerheads that gives you that Spa kind of treatment. It was elegantly and intricately designed to give you the option to set the water pressure you desire. You can set it to function and pour out water as rainfall, power massage, rainfall and power massage, circular massage, water trickle, rainfall and circular massage.

You can easily clean this handheld showerhead with its self-cleaning silicon jet nozzles and brass finish steel stretchable hose features. It also has a sand filter disk.

This showerhead can be easily installed and it comes with a shower kit that contains all the necessary tools needed to install it.

Simply follow this link to order this product.

Speakman VS-3010 Neo Anystream High Pressure handheld Showerhead

Made with thorough consideration for high quality engineering standards, this handheld showerhead sprays water at high and low pressures. This showerhead can be rotated through 360 degrees. It has a sleek symmetrical touch that makes it fit with modern bathroom styles.

One awesome feature of this showerhead is its 5 adjustable jets that can produce forty individual sprays and 12 massage spray jets.  This showerhead is available here.

Oil rubbed Bronze High Pressure Showerhead

This showerhead ranks as one of the extra-ordinary handheld showerheads due to its unique design. It is mounted on a metal that allows it to withstand any weight.

It is also important to say that it affords you a wide range of showering in the sense that you are game for whatever you want to wash.  If you experience leaks, you can easily uninstall and have the two o-like rubbers installed in the metal bracket.

In addition, it can be easily installed with the hardware. The manufacturer offers ten years guarantee on the product, so, you will not have any problem as regards quality assurance. We cannot tell you about the product in its entirety and the price.

Fire Hydrant Deluxe Spa Carmel Handheld Showerhead

This showerhead is in this category because it was designed for low water pressure and because it comes with significant convenience for users. This product erases the doubts of those who believe that handheld showerhead cannot be used for low water pressure.

This showerhead features a 59 inches hose that is longer than the standard showerhead hose. This hose contributes to the convenience it boasts. Follow this link to know more about this product.

Moen 26100 Magnetic Handheld Showerhead

This showerhead has a magnetic holder technology feature, which makes the shower to snap easily into its holder. It is produced to give a refreshing and satisfying experience to users and it can be tilted up, down, and sideways. Like other products mentioned above, its 2.5 gallon per minute water flow can perform multiple functions and it has six spray functions.

This product was voted in the top 100 household product of 2015. It seems most users have problems with the fact that it does not have a push button to change its water flow as often as they want. Follow this link to order this product.


Conclusively, the features mentioned here are not all-inclusive since these are just little pieces of info to get you acquainted with these products. The belief is that having read all the above, you will certainly have the necessary knowledge you need to know the kind of handheld showerhead that will fit your needs and to also intimate you about where you can purchase them.

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