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Best Fitness Trackers 2019

Fitness wristbands, so-called wearables, increasingly very popular. These little helpers in the wristwatch format present with a futuristic design and are filled with much high-tech. With these bracelets, we can create our own individual training plan and achieve athletic goals. These are converted to the day less than 30 minutes. One of the main reasons is a lack of motivation. Many slide also diseases and some time in the foreground. The question arises, how we can motivate people, that they move more. A solution could be a modern fitness bracelet.

With a fitness wrist we can record every move and have our personal performance data at a glance. In our reviews for best fitness trackers in 2020 we would show you, what they really afford devices and also issue you a buy recommendation. In the table below we have the 10 best fitness listed bracelets with all important data, so that you can perform a comparison here immediately.

What is a Fitness Tracker?

Bracelets  for fitness are also called activity tracker. These present themselves mainly in the classic watch design, where here is a resemblance to the high-priced SmartWatches not to misjudge. These little gadgets are usually made of hard-wearing rubber bracelets in many great colors. Also is this wearables, electronic devices that are worn directly on the body.
Mobile phone equipped with fitness apps inside are fitness wristbands with an innovative technology, which assumes the task of a personal trainer.
You want to motivate people to move more. In doing so can these models much more than comparable heart rate monitor or pure step and calorie counter. With these devices, we can record any form of movement, and analyze. For this reason, bracelets with a corresponding app or via a PC program fitness can be evaluated. It is interesting that we can define our goals of the day. A colored luminous display the activity state is shown at all times us.
For the choice of the correct device, however, we need to consider separately such models that represent merely a fashionable technology gadget and are less suitable for sports activities. The heart rate for example not always equally can be with these models. The pulse on the wrist is difficult to detect. For this reason bracelets offer good fitness, optionally with a chest harness to be connected. About the standard ANT + wireless coupling chest straps can communicate from different manufacturers with the bracelet.
The different models are offered on the market. We can differentiate between devices with full display, LEDs and completely without display.
Also the price is based on the equipment and the battery life. The accuracy of the step acquisition is quite balanced. As fitness bracelet on the wrist, even movements can be recorded, which have nothing to do with the running. Who wears his bracelet also at night, is able to monitor his sleep also. Morning waking up to be controlled so that this still falls within the half sleep. We are torn this not so from a deep sleep, as in a conventional alarm clock.

How does a Fitness Tracker work?

Let you know how our fitness bracelet winner work, we would like to explain you a little closer the functioning. Basically it involves bracelet at a fitness a step counter. Most devices can but a little more like for example :

  • Fitness bracelet with GPS
  • The distance record and evaluate that.
  • Send the data to a Smartphone and
  • An individual training plan to put together.

A motion sensor, these devices can record accelerations. Depending on the manufacturer, different metrics are recorded. You should have most definitely a distance Tracker, a timer and a stopwatch. Optional, but also the heart rate and calorie consumption can be measured.Before you create such a fitness bracelet, you must either perform the basic settings of a button on the device, through the sensor-controlled interface or via an app on your Smartphone. To do this, it is important that you connect your bracelet via Bluetooth to your Smartphone. In this way, you can enter different training programs.

Then you can start your first steps. A good fitness bracelet is different, whether you run or just walking. You have about a fitness bracelet with GPS functionality, you can retrieve very accurate distance information. Even slopes can then be obtained through an altimeter.A small tip on the edge: If your fitness wear wrist strap around the clock to get the most accurate training values. Because these devices are waterproof, you can take them in the shower. Your bracelet is to motivate the daily movement.

If you have previously set a goal and in the afternoon have not yet achieved this, your fitness will point you bracelet. It makes you then also proposals, whether you should take not maybe a few rounds jogging or a long walk.If we wear our wristband around the clock, such models are, with which we can monitor our rhythm of sleep. Especially soft and gentle awakening in the light phase of sleep is supported by the use of these devices. Your alarm clock is superfluous. You feel much more alert and rested this and can start the day with ELAN.

Benefits and Applications

Anyone can use a fitness bracelet. It is the ideal choice for all those who want to play sports in addition in everyday life with its motivational effect. Bracelets are therefore very well-suited to Office people who rarely find time for sports activities fitness.

Two lovers in activity with HundGehen you to walk more often and avoid short car journeys. Frequently run up the stairs and take long walks. Your electronic guide helps you with important status indications. Those who already own a stylish wristwatch, can certainly access a simple tracking band without display. In conjunction with the appropriate app for your smartphone you can check at any time via your personal training success.

  • The benefits of fitness wrist band:
  • Particularly good sports motivator
  • Attractive design
  • Sufficient functionality
  • Waterproof
  • Attractive price / performance ratio

What kinds of Fitness Trackers are there?

In our fitness tracker reviews would we introduce you to now the various kinds of bracelets. This is the basic designs and manufacturers bring new models with different features on the market.

The fitness bracelet with display

The most popular fitness includes bracelets with integrated display. This is only understandable, you can directly read off immediately all important status messages about this. Models with AMOLED – or OLED display are particularly comfortable. These provide a sufficient resolution. This does not necessarily, you need your Smartphone.

To note, it is only that wristbands with extensive functions faster come to the limits of their battery life. In some devices, you must every two to three days, recharge the battery. As an alternative we can recommend the slightly cheaper models with energy-saving LEDs. The basic data are displayed over colored fluorescent strip. These devices achieve a higher battery life.

Advantages of the trackers with display

  • Direct display of all important information
  • Attractive design,
  • Smartphone connection is not necessarily required.

Disadvantages of bracelets with display

  • Higher power consumption and
  • Thus shorter battery life
  • May be expensive.

The fitness bracelet without display

Bracelets without own display also fitness are offered. These models need to be always connected to a Smartphone for data evaluation. This can be on the road somewhat troublesome. On the other hand, you benefit from an extremely long battery life with these devices. An increased power consumption by an indication does not apply in this case.
Advantages of the bracelets without display
  • Long battery life,
  • Attractive design,
  • Lightweight construction,
  • Reasonably priced.
Disadvantages of the bracelets without display
  • Information may not be displayed,
  • Smartphone connection is necessary.

The Fitness Trackers with GPS

Quite beneficial, bracelets with integrated GPS are fitness. These are offered both with and without display. But this, you get a very precise location, which you can use to determine your run optimally. If you prefer very detailed analyses, you should rely on such a model. Most devices can be connected with a Smartphone, so that you can store the data about this and analyze.
Advantages of the bracelets with GPS
  • Accurate positioning,
  • Detailed record of routes,
  • Comes with or without display.
Disadvantages of bracelets with GPS
  • Higher power consumption and
  • Shorter battery life,
  • May be expensive.

How we did our reviews on these Fitness Trackers

For our reviews of best fitness trackers we took various models and have reviewed those thoroughly. The following test criteria we want to draw your attention to the specific characteristics of the product. So you can better compare the different bracelets afterwards and make your personal purchase decision.

Packaging & design

Most fitness wristbands are offered by most manufacturers in an attractive cardboard and plastic packaging. Depending on the model, it is a great gift packaging. Included a loading and data transmission Terminal, if necessary a charger and of course a detailed documentation included in addition to the actual fitness bracelet.

Great value is placed on the design. After all, it must be considered that many customers wear this bracelet around the clock. Therefore you must carefully consider here, whether a stylish exterior may be a higher price is worth. We find bracelets, which are particularly attractive and modern, and others, which first and foremost is the functionality in the foreground. There are striking models and those that don’t immediately fall into the eye.

Material & Comfort

The comfort depends on the material used. The models made of soft flexible plastic have proven particularly. They are generally so easy that we don’t feel on the wrist.Otherwise, it looks at the rigid straps made of hard plastic. These are very robust, could be very disruptive but at everyday work, such as typing on a computer keyboard. A pleasant wearing comfort is also decisive for the models that we want to wear even at night to monitor our sleep cycle.

If you want to achieve high value on accurate fitness values, then you should wear formerly bracelet your fitness around the clock. Because most of the models are waterproof, you can use this in the shower.


If you opted for a fitness bracelet display, then you will find out many differences here. Most ads are presented in narrow, elongated shape, that are no wider than the bracelet itself. Some manufacturers offer only a colorless and simple display with the most relevant ads, others are equipped with a colour OLED or AMOLED display.

Here it depends on whatever, how much information you want to be shown. A colored LED bar as a progress bar reaches one, someone else would like to have a highly sensitive touchscreen interface with all important data, however. We find that the choice of the display first and foremost depends on personal preferences. Regardless of using a LED bar display, a monochrome or color display, or a touch-screen interface. in all cases, keep in mind that this battery life can reduce.


In our testing, we have found that every manufacturer offers a range of other functions. While it differs in different series of the same manufacturer. Standard features include in any case:

  • The pedometer,
  • The distance measurement and
  • The display of the calories spent

Alone in the pedometer and distance measurement there are some significant differences. It is interesting that the most accurate results are obtained then if we wear the pedometer not on your wrist, but in your pocket. Distance measurement, we must enter our average step length. Who here wants to achieve the most accurate results, which should lie to a fitness bracelet with GPS functionality. Here we have also the possibility to take into account an altimeter.

Also as a useful function, we find the heart rate measurement. Generally, these can be measured on three methods:

  • With an optional chest strap.
  • By putting a finger on a particular sensor and
  • By an optical measurement of blood flow.

Who would like to use any additional chest strap, can determine the heart rate accurately about the blood flow measurement. This is the optical sensor of the fitness wrist band on the bottom and measures the light reflections of the skin. It is important that we can enter lower and upper bounds for heart rate measurement, so that we can reach a targeted training success on this.

The indication of the calorie consumption is quite useful. To use this function, we need to involve the body size and weight. Similarly, specifying day objectives leads to more motivation. Here we can enter for example a certain number of steps, we must put back a day to achieve the desired training program.

As mentioned above in this topic, bracelets with a built-in sleep monitoring are equipped with some fitness. The presented here fitness bracelet winner meet all the requirements, to wake up in the morning in the pre computed light sleep phase. So we can start the day much more relaxed.

Some bracelets still with multimedia control functions are equipped depending on the manufacturer and model. We can control the sound-control on this for our Smartphone. A Bluetooth connection with some smartphones offers also the possibility at a talk time, inform E-Mail or SMS input.

Compatibility with a Smartphone

At your choice, you should consider that some fitness bracelets are designed by famous Smartphone or mobile phone manufacturers. Therefore, these devices can be used only with the manufacturer’s own smartphones.

Battery life

Of course, also the battery life plays an important role in our test. As we have already noted, these will vary depending on the model. Bracelets with display must generally respawn on the network as such without display. We noted that the most fitness a complete exhibit bracelets by an average of 7 days. Some devices without a display are equipped for example with button cells where the manufacturer provides a run time of up to one year.


Some models guarantee a water resistance up to an hour at a depth up to 50 meters. Others achieve only shorter times and depths.

What should I pay attention when buying a fitness bracelet?

Those who are interested in a fitness Tracker, should necessarily consider the aforementioned test criteria. Previously, think about for what purpose you need such a device. It’s maybe just a nice hobby, then you don’t actually need a model with a wide range of functions. If you are interested in seriously to improve the fitness of your body and move more, over a period of time then the wristbands for you are interesting, that go beyond the basic functionality.

Of course, whatever the price plays an important role. This depends on the functionality and partly to the design. Simple models without display are available already for 50 to 70 euros. In the range between 90 and 200 dollars you will find the most models with good very good facilities. Here are also the most models with display. In addition you will find sometimes fitness wristbands in special editions that border beyond the 200 dollars.

Brief information on leading manufacturers


A Garmin Ltd. is a Swiss company, which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Schaffhausen. The most significant developments include the GPS receiver, which are primarily used in car navigation devices as a result of their miniaturization. Today, the company in a large scale navigation equipment produced for all areas of application.
Starting from Garmin has introduced its popular Vivofit series on the market this technology. It is particularly interesting that the actual bracelets of the activity tracker can be changed. So we have many attractive colors to choose from. 
The Garmin fitness bracelets are offered in various designs. The Vivofit series is equipped with an E-Ink LCD display, which is not only extremely low power, but is very easy to read even in sunshine. Since Garmin has refused an additional lighting, the ads in the darkness are not visible. Instead, this series features replaceable batteries, which have a shelf life of about a year.
If you want, can connect optional chest strap, with which we can measure the heart rate very accurately.
In addition to the activity trackers Vivofit, there is still the fitness bracelets of the Vivosmart series, which are with additional Smartphone function oversight. In addition, but also real SmartWatches named VivoActive are offered. Overall, bracelets by Garmin in the middle are the fitness to upper price segment.
Jawbone is a US manufacturer of innovative wearables. The company with its headquarters in San Francisco was founded in 1999. Jawbone has become known not only with its stylish activity trackers, but also with his portable sound boxes and Bluetooth headsets.
The attractive fitness wristbands by jawbone are offered with various closure systems and many fashionable colors. The finely detailed surface design makes each band an absolute eye-catcher. The fitness bracelets are called UP and clip-UP-move series. They come out without display and can be conveniently set via a one-button operation.These bracelets register not only the daily sequence of movements and monitor the sleep phase, but also help the healthy diet.
Eating behavior is thus controlled by the food’s barcode is scanned and then to select the serving size.The fitness series bracelets of the jawbone UP are with a variety of fitness apps compatible, such as for example MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, MapMy fitness, FITT and many others. Depending on the models, these bracelets in the middle range to high-end price segment.
Samsung Electronics is a subsidiary of the Korean Samsung Group and was founded in 1969. The Seoul-based company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones, smart phones, flat-screen TVs and other multimedia products. Suitable to the innovative Samsung smartphones, the company also manufactures SmartWatches and fitness trackers.

The advanced SmartWatches be understood primarily under the General gear. The fitness gear are fit known throughout the world under the name bracelets or activity tracker Special highlighting feature is that these devices exclusively with the hotel’s own Smartphones from Samsung to communicate.
Otherwise, these devices are characterized by very good processing quality. The highlights include:

  • Arched Super AMOLED screens
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Heart rate, acceleration and position sensors
  • Step counter, time, stop watch, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, training programs
  • Media controller with remote control
  • Call notification, SMS and E-Mail.
This fitness wristbands by Samsung offer extensive functions and are very easy to read about the integrated touch screen display. In total there are these models in the premium price segment.
In the UK  city of Leicester Avantek computer Ltd. is established. The electronics manufacturer founded in 1998, is known not only for his computer hardware, car chargers, smoke detectors and mobile door opening systems, but also for its innovative fitness wristbands.
Avantek produces special Bluetooth activity tracker with the basic functions step count, display the calories consumed, distance display and sleep monitoring. Special highlighting feature is that these bracelets exclusively with iOS Apple products are compatible and therefore not for Android powered devices can be used. Bracelets in the lower price segment, however, are these fitness ones.
It was founded in 1977 in the Finnish Kempele Polar Electro. The company belongs to the leading providers of sports training computers and heart rate monitors. In many sports medicine research, the company has combined human physiology with innovative technology.
The product range includes also the popular activity tracker.Polar fitness wristbands through easy operation, high processing quality and extensive features stand out. The loop series, which exist in many facilities is one of the best known models. Special highlighting feature is the narrow LED display with dot matrix, which is framed at the edges with attractive metal applications.
These models show all important training data. The bracelets are absolutely waterproof and feature with a reliable locking system. It is interesting that these devices only with a bracelet length are shipped. This is however sufficiently dimensioned and must be cut before the first use with a pair of scissors on the arm strength. In that regard it’s irreversible bracelets. The fitness Tracker by polar lie in the lower to middle price segment.

Internet vs. Shops : Where is it best to buy Fitness Activity Tracker?

In our fitness wrist bands reviews for 2019 we have gave you many information about this topic. Perhaps you would now like to know where you can buy your desired favourite model. To do this, various possibilities are available.

Shopping in the local electronics store

Bracelets, you can find a corresponding range of fitness in many electronics stores and sporting goods stores. Quite disturbing, however, we find approaches, usually long and complicated search for a free parking space. Also, you should expect not to find the devices here in the shortlist drawn on the spot. Understandably at the shops will not be offered all the listed manufacturers.

It is also problematic that many sellers will try to promote the stock models only. Sometimes the sales pitch can be led very intrusive. This is we all the more annoying when trying to offer you a discontinued model at a lower price, which absolutely does not meet your needs.

There also may be difficulties with a return. If you don’t like the purchased device, not all shops provide a refund of the purchase price.

  • Inspection possible
  • Personal advice
  • Cumbersome directions and parking
  • You get not always the desired model
  • Generally higher prices.

Shopping on the Internet

Avoid cumbersome directions and rather convenient shopping from home at an online store. Online stores are open around the clock and on weekends. Here you can browse in peace through the comprehensive range. The big advantage is that you will find whatever the desired model on the Internet.

Many online stores have built up on the offer of fitness wrist bands and can offer you here surprisingly affordable prices. Just be sure to order from a secure and certified dealer. Some shops offer you even a 24-hour delivery. As well as not always shipping fees it must pay.
Also when buying from an online store, you will never have to receive advice. Many dealers offer you several ways, as for example by fax, email or telephone, to. Another advantage is that you can make use of your right of withdrawal if not satisfied. Simply return the goods and refunded your purchase price.
  • Huge selection
  • Prompt delivery, mostly shipping
  • Cheap prices
  • Right of withdrawal
  • No personal inspection

Best Fitness Tracker Buyers Guide

For our fitness trackers we have listed here have a section with interesting facts and figures for best activity trackers in our reviews, which should help you in purchasing decisions.

The history of Fitness Trackers

The origins of our modern fitness wristbands go back to the year 1780. This year, the Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet developed the first pedometer or step counter. Then rectangular model had four dials and was able to include up to 10,000 steps. Until far in the 80s, this mechanical pedometer were further developed. They were attached to the belt or on the waistband.

The Acitivty trackers are pure data logger, carried close to the body. To record the activities of a person. After the mechanical step counters were initially collect the performance data in writing and manually save the data in tabular form on a computer. A well-known example is that of the President BB´s Council on physical fitness and sports in America presented the President BB´s challenge.Through the continuing development of microprocessors and sensors, the records were automated. The devices were small and could henceforth be worn on the body. It was the first heart rate monitors for athletes from 1981.

In the 90s came the bicycle computer on the market, which could monitor speed, distance and travel time.The first mobile fitness Tracker for normal consumers came on the market by 2000. Athletes with devices in fitness studios could check their heart rate via a wireless connection. The now famous tracking models are known since 2006. However only in the last two years these devices have to be the known fitness wristbands developed.

Facts and figures about the fitness bands

With the following data and facts, we want to give you more background knowledge to a fitness gain bracelet.

Waterproof, IP certification

The most offered activity tracker are water- and splash-proof. On the offerings of the manufacturer you find 55 or IP68 for example titles, such as IP. IP is an acronym and stands for international protection. This is a protection type determination for a particular device. This is followed by getting a two-digit number.

The calculation of calories burned

The indication of the calorie consumption furthers particularly motivation. This is based on averages and calculations based on. Be able to determine the so-called basal metabolic rate we our fitness bracelet the body size, gender, age and weight be communicated.

Different mobile phones with AppsWie is known, the human body also at rest burn calories. The BMR describes thus in the amount of energy that a man in complete silence in the sober State at a temperature of approx. 28 ° C needed to maintain its vital functions. The basal metabolic rate is usually calculated for the whole day, can be determined by the hour but also by simple division.
Interests us first and foremost not how many calories we burn at complete rest. Instead, we are looking forward to the number of calories burned in addition that we arrive at a sports. As any sport and any other form of exercise involving a different energy consumption of scientists make use of metabolic equivalent.

The metabolic equivalent of task, short MET, requires always the basal metabolic rate as a starting point and determined this according to a sporting activity, a corresponding value. The calculation could look like this:

  • 1 MET – Hibernate,
  • 3 MET – slow going for a walk,
  • 6 MET – cycling and
  • 12 Mead – endurance.

We assume a 35-year-old man with a body weight of 85 kg and a height of 185 cm achieved a BMR of 2,000 calories a day. This corresponds to approximately 83 kcal per hour. Walking, we calculate a power consumption by 83 kcal x 3 MET and received 249 kcal. A continuous operation increases the power consumption by 83 kcal x 12 MET and we received 996 kcal.

Trend with Fitness Tracking Bands

We have been dealing with the current trend development on wearables and making up interesting facts and data from the known statistics portal Statistagewinnen can. These bracelets were considered not only fitness, but also the elegant SmartWatches.

Currently, the Apple Watch applies market observers as a flop. However, has fought for Apple the second place of wearables. As a newcomer, the company was able to sell SmartWatches 2016 at least 3.6 million in the second quarter.

Xiaomi is also a newbie in this area. This has to sell more than three million times his MI-band. So, the Chinese vendor could claim third place. This is because that Xiaomi can offer its products at very competitive prices. Main customers are buyers from China to about 97 percent.

The sole market leader is the Fitbit, which could sell its fitness Tracker more than 4.4 million times. This corresponds to even a rise of 150 percent as compared to last year. Garmin could still have a slight increase in bracelets with his fitness. The company achieved the fourth place but only 700,000 bracelets.

Samsung has to watch a major setback. While the company was able to sell another 800,000 units last year and was therefore before Garmin, it reaches only 600,000 sold piece. To take into account is that Samsung communicate bracelets also only with the hotel’s own smartphones. As the other providers, are up on Apple, cosmopolitan.

The remaining producers of fitness bracelets to tell the rest of no less than 5.7 million sell devices. The trend towards functional fitness Tracker are equipped at relatively low prices with an extensive feature set. Here, we must see a fusion of fitness bracelets with the today’s SmartWatches in the future.

Health and insurance benefits when using fitness tracker

Known to many health insurance companies reward health-promoting measures. They can benefit from many programs, if they can demonstrate, for example, regular medical routine examinations or sign, for example, in a gym. Some health insurance funds subsidized generous lately even buying a fitness bracelet off or a SmartWatch.
As mentioned above, they have bracelet with a fitness not only most of the activities in the field of vision, but are also motivated to play more sports. So it is not surprising that some health insurance companies is a fitness Tracker is regarded as a health measure and this subsidy.
As we have learned, you will receive a subsidy of 50 euro bracelet from the Northeast health insurance AOK and DKV when buying a fitness. If you are a member in the PBX technician health insurance, you are particularly encouraged. The TK is the largest health insurance company in Germany with a total of more than 9.3 million members. For health-promoting measures, members receive up to 250 dollars. Because this program should be expanded now, you can get refund also the cost for a fitness tracker at least partly on this.
Apple Health Explains :
The Apple health is a special app of your health and fitness data clearly can be displayed. Understandably, this software first and foremost only for Apple iOS devices is suitable.
Couple sleeps with sleep monitor this app can you clearly represent your heart rate, the calories burned, blood sugar and cholesterol levels and many more health and fitness data. The health app gathers all essential information in one place and makes them available with just a tap of your finger. You get always the current state of your health. Anyone can create this also an emergency passport. In doing so, for example, the blood group and possible allergies details are stored and can be made accessible in an emergency for others.
By using the so-called HealthKits you can share certain areas of your health information with others. Interestingly, the example, your GP the values for blood pressure automatically to deliver on this. The technology is so sophisticated, that can communicate the Apple health app even with other apps. You may use also a nutrition app. This can further process the data you create and give important insights about the calorie consumption. We find that this app is a pretty useful addition, but in relation with the release of health data carefully to be should.

Fitness Bracelet vs. Fitness App – The Comparison

In our fitness tracker reviews we want to strap or bracelet and a fitness app indicate the interplay and differences between a fitness.
Usually be delivered fitness wristbands with the appropriate software (see bracelet comprehensive fitness test), that you can use to monitor your training success. Also in this case we speak of an app. Basically, we must only ensure that this app with a used phone is compatible. Here it is primarily due to the operating system, such as Android or iOS. On the other hand bracelets allow only a use with their own smartphones some fitness manufacturer. This is the case, for example, with Samsung.

Since many Smartphones with their own sensors are equipped, we can use bracelet but also special apps without your own fitness. With these apps, our smartphones in a fitness monitoring device can be transformed. An example is the S-health app, which can be used both for the gear fit for a Samsung Smartphone. Special Samsung Smartphones have a thermometer and a barometer, so that we can involve humidity and outdoor temperature in our analyses. Some even measurements of blood pressure and blood sugar levels are possible.
For example, the app Runtastic require that only a Smartphone is popular apps on the tablet or HandyRecht. Using GPS, we can measure exact distance traveled, speed, average speed and calories. Also, we are hereby in the location, other sports, such as for example biking to choose from cycling, riding or skiing. In addition the app via live tracking transfers all important data with friends on Facebook or users of the fitness Portal on request.

Another free app is MyFitnessPal, which helps to keep a diet. This program documented not only the eating habits and displays the calories burned, but helps us more than 350 fitness exercises. This app did particularly well in test reports. For almost every Smartphone, corresponding apps are now offered on the market.
In contrast, a fitness delivers bracelet but still significantly better results. As already stated, a fitness should be worn strap around the clock. The skintight carry movements be recorded more accurately, than on a Smartphone. However, we can control our training data on a Smartphone or a PC via a supplied or offered free to download app. If you seriously take into consideration, is to coordinate your endurance sports, a fitness bracelet probably the better choice.

Useful accessories

With a modern fitness bracelet, you are generally well equipped. However, there are also useful accessories on the market for many models. We would like to enumerate therefore a small selection of these accessories.

The chest strap

If you are a fitness bracelet quicker, you might even want to check your heart rate. The built-in sensors in a fitness provide bracelet not always very precise values. An optional chest strap would be much better. In most cases you can connect wireless bracelet, a chest strap with her fitness but also with your Smartphone. The recorded data are very accurate and provide information about your physical load condition.

A new bracelet

Different colors of smartwatches if used long-term , is subject to this wear. Most manufacturers offer you therefore replacement wristbands for the change. Here, you need to replace only the electronics with a few simple steps. On the other hand, a such replacement bracelet for fashion reasons advisable. Generally, there are many attractive colors are offered. You can then wear always the right strap according to your outfit.

Transport bag for the Smartphone

Regularly to be able to establish a communication between a fitness bracelet and your Smartphone, you need the latter also during training here. As far as it is, to use a handy sleeve pocket for the Smartphone. While they have opportunity to take a look at your training data also during a running exercise at any time.

Other accessories

In our considerations, we can involve also other training accessories. These include, for example :

  • A nice sport outfit
  • A training mat
  • Good running shoes and
  • For example, weights.

Alternatives to Fitness Trackers

In our guide for best fitness trackers for 2019 we would like to point to some alternatives, with which you can also monitor your athletic performance.
The Smartphone
One of the best options is the use of the own Smartphone as fitness Tracker. For capturing the movement, mostly free apps are offered in the trade. Smartphones are often worn in the Pocket. Therefore, this step movements can be counted. Many other movements are counted in addition, such as writing on the computer keys, ride an elevator, daily hair washing or even brushing your teeth.
A disadvantage is that several movements are not counted on the day. In particular during the day in the Office, leisure time or in the evening on the couch the least are your smartphone at the man / wear on the woman. As far as a part of the step counting is lost, if the device is simply stays on the table. Another disadvantage is that we must always our Smartphone out of the Pocket, to inform us of the current status of the activity.
In addition to the registered movements, also a healthy sleep plays an important role. Many manufacturers of fitness bracelets have designed so their devices so that the sleep habits can also be registered. Understandably, no one would go with a Smartphone to bed.
The SmartWatch
A SmartWatch is most closely analogous to a fitness bracelet. In addition, a SmartWatch offers still much more functions. The basic functions are :
  • Step count
  • Calorie analysis
  • Sleep stage evaluation
  • Alarm function
  • Time display
In contrast to a fitness bracelet SmartWatches are equiped with a real Android or iOS operating system . With those, in addition phone calls, emails, and SMS can be received. Even a metre-exact positioning via GPS is possible. Therefore, movement information can be registered very accurately.
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