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Best Detachable Shower Heads 2019

In the world of showering, there is a lot of new technology that can help homeowners improve the overall quality of their bathrooms. Gone are the days of single-function shower heads with low water pressure. Today, people can choose from a variety of options when it comes to shower heads. The detachable shower head is one such option. Thats why we made a list of top 8 best detachable shower heads in the market for 2020 !

 What is a detachable shower head?

 A detachable shower head provides a showering device that can be removed from its original location to provide extra mobility for water spray. It is often attached to a stainless-steel hose that is flexible and can reach all the way to the feet of the user. Most can be easily replaced and returned to standard to standard via the use of a clasp.

Why You Should Use it

 Detachable shower heads provide the luxury of a full body shower that can’t be achieved with only an overhead shower head. If you want to benefit from a comprehensive cleaning, a detachable shower head is the way to go. They are also useful for bathing pets or children due to their reach. Many provide multiple water spray settings, giving you even more options for your shower.

Detachable Shower Head Features

 Detachable shower heads generally come with a long hose that connects them to a water source. They also provide a clamp so that the head can be kept overhead for normal shower functionality. Many feature multiple water settings such as power massage and light mist, so users benefit from a variety of spa-like experiences. Some may come as an accessory to a permanent overhead fixture, providing a water diverter that allows you to choose the source of the spray.

Top Ten Detachable Shower Heads in 2020

 Delta Faucet Universal Showering Components 5-Function In2ition

The Delta Faucet Universal Showering Components 5-Function In2ition is a high quality, stylish shower head that provides all the functionality any user could ask. The removable part is easily detached, but a permanent showerhead stays overhead, providing a comprehensive spray and full body shower.

The diverter allows users to use both shower heads simultaneously or divert use between each one independently. With 5 different shower functions including Full Body, Fast Massage, Full Spray with Massage, Massaging, and Slow Massage, this shower head has the perfect option for anybody. Its soft rubber spray holes make for easy cleaning and the simple design make for quick installation.

Aquarius Handheld Shower Head

The Aquarius Handheld Shower Head delivers a high-pressure shower experience while providing a beautiful finish that can hold up to any shower. Made of high-quality ABS Thermo Material, this can stand up to the hottest temperatures and will be sure not to leak or crack. As an overhead shower head, it provides a beautiful rainfall shower that covers a wide area. It can also be removed thanks to its hose, allowing users to wash every part of their party with ease. With 6 water settings, there are plenty of options to choose from. This is simple to install, and Aquarius offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you’ll get your money back if you aren’t impressed by this shower head.

ShowerMaxx Dual Shower Head

The ShowerMaxx Dual Shower Head with Handheld and Fixed Showerhead gives you 36 different water settings and combinations, letting you pick the spa-like shower experience of your dreams. With a permanent overhead shower fixture and a removal handheld shower, you have all the coverage you’ll ever need and the ability to choose from a plethora of spray options.

You can put rainfall on the overhead and fast massage on the handheld shower to provide a wide variety of showers for yourself. These heads are easily cleaned and are also perfect for bathing pets or children. This is a top-of-the-line experience at an affordable price – great for any homeowner!

Held Shower Head with Detachable Wand

The handheld shower head with detachable wand is compact but powerful, giving the full shower experience in a small package. The 6-inch face provides ample water coverage but can be easily removed to get to the hard to reach areas.

There are 5 powerful water settings, allowing you to choose the amount of pressure and coverage that you want. With easy clean rub jets, you won’t have to worry about mineral buildup or corrosion. The angle of the shower head is easily adjustable, so you can customize your shower to your liking.

Oil Rubbed Bronze High Pressure Shower Head

The Oil Rubbed Bronze High Pressure Shower Head is sleek, sophisticated, and powerful. This provides a modern look for any shower and delivers high-pressure water spray with multiple spray options. The metal mount is strong, versatile, and adjustable, meaning users will enjoy a long lifetime of customizable showers.

The overhead setting provides ample water coverage, but the long hose also offers the opportunity for detailed, flexible cleaning. With fast, easy installation and a 10-year warranty, this is an exceptional value for a removable shower head.

Detachable Hand held Shower Head Set Removable Sprayer

This Ikedon shower head is a functional and good-looking detachable shower head at a bargain price. It provides 5 different water settings, including Rain, Bubble Rain, Power Massage, Rain + Bubble Rain, and Rain + Power Massage. Self-cleaning silicon jet nozzles mean that you don’t have to spend valuable time maintaining this easy-install shower head. It has a secure bracket with simple release, so you can easily detach it, transforming it from an overhead shower into a handheld shower. With a lifetime guarantee at such a low price, this is perfect for any buyer on a tight budget.

Briout Handheld Shower Head

The Briout Handheld Shower Head is another inexpensive detachable shower that comes with all the options you are looking for. It installs easily and doesn’t require the aid of a plumber or the use of fancy tools. It offers 5 different spray functions, meaning you can choose the pressure level and massage option that works best for the shower you are looking for.

With a comfortable, ergonomic handle, you can easily detach this shower head and use it for comprehensive cleaning. This makes it easy to bathe children and pets as well. At such a low price, the spa experience that this shower head provides is definitely worth it.

Adoric High Pressure Handheld Shower

The Adoric High Pressure Handheld Shower is simple but elegant, giving a traditional but updated look to any bathroom. With Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, and Water Saving Modes, you get three excellent choices for your water spray and an easy way to switch between them.

Because it is made of chrome-finished ABS, it will not rust or suffer from corrosion. It’s simple to install, fitting almost any standard shower arm, and offers a 12-month warranty so you can benefit from a full refund if you aren’t impressed with this shower head.

Lordair model is a detachable shower head

This Lordair model is a detachable shower head that has all the bells and whistles at an unbelievably low price! With high-pressure capabilities and 6 water spray settings, you’ll get the perfect shower for your needs. Made of brushed nickel and providing self-cleaning nozzles, this shower head will not rust or corrode, giving you a quality item that will last for years. The removable restrictor allows you to benefit from even high pressure, and the long house will provide clean, fresh water for any part of your body.

Vida Alegria

The Vida Alegria Handheld shower head is offered in 3 different materials and delivers an exceptional shower experience for modern and traditional bathrooms alike. The stainless-steel hose stretches from 5-7 feet, making it perfect for users of any height and a great option for bathing children or pets. The easily removable water restrictor means that you can harness the power of high-pressure jets, making for a spa-like massage shower.

With 5 unique spray settings, your shower is completely customizable and 3-year warranty means that you have plenty of time to determine if this is the right detachable shower head for you. The ABS face will stay clean through years of showers, saving you time on your chores and cleaning. This is a quality shower head at an affordable price, so any homeowner looking to upgrade their bathroom could benefit from the many features and powerful pressure of this product.


These are the top detachable shower heads that money can buy, and any one of them would be a quality purchase for any homeowner. The benefits of a detachable shower head are many, including providing comprehensive coverage, a variety of shower options, and allowing you to bathe your children and pets with ease.

With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the shower head that you are looking for to turn your old shower into a spa-like experience without breaking the bank. Many of these offer long warranties, some even delivering lifetime warranties, so it is always worth it to give them a try to see if the meet all of your showering needs.


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