Workers in Oregon (except Federal employees) have a right to an itemized statement with amount and purpose of each deduction from their pay when they are paid wages, commissions, or salary for the pay period.

Farm workers (when harvesting) have a right to a written statement showing their total pay and each deductions.

This isn't enough information to make sure that you are being paid correctly, but it's a start. It would be better to get more information (for example, how much you were paid, how many hours you worked, how much overtime you were paid, and what your wage rate is). Hopefully, since your boss has to give you a pay statement anyway, he'll give you more information.

Workers, including former employees, also have a right to get a statement showing how much you were paid for the last year. You can ask any time during the year.

What difference does it make if you get a pay stub? Without a pay stub, workers can't tell if they are being paid for all their hours and if the right amounts are being deducted. If you don't get a pay stub, it’s especially important to keep track of your pay and hours.

What can I do to get a pay stub? The law is enforced by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry, Wage and Hour Division. You can file a wage complaint, using the link in the Resource Box on this page.

If your boss only gives a statement showing what deductions were made from your pay (which is all the law requires), go to whoever does payroll and ask for explanations every time you don't understand how much you were paid or for how many hours. If everyone does this, you'll know that you're being paid correctly and maybe your boss will decide it would be easier to issue pay stubs.

If you have a union, you have many more rights. You may already have a right to a pay stub with more helpful information because your union negotiated it. If you and your co-workers want to get pay stubs, talk to the shop steward or union representative about how to get the company to issue them. If all else fails, you can make it a demand in the next contract negotiations.

The law:

Oregon Revised Statutes 652.610 (itemized pay statement)

Oregon Revised Statutes 652.620 (statement of yearly compensation)

Oregon Revised Statutes 652.640 (pay stub for farm workers)