Most workers in Maine have a right to a 30-minute meal break after 6 hours of work. There is no law giving any workers a right to rest breaks.

If you are represented by a union, you may have more rights under your union contract. Read your contract and talk to a shop steward or representative.

Under federal law, workers must be paid for any breaks less than 20 minutes.

Meal break rules:
  •  Workers have a right to a 30-minute break after 6 hours of work.
  • This law does not cover workers if there are not at least 3 workers on duty at one time, where the nature of work allows employees frequent breaks, or in cases of emergency.
  • You can make a different arrangement with your boss (like if you want to work straight through without a break) – but you have to agree in writing.

What is the law: Maine Revised Statute Title 26 Chapter 7 Section 601

Who enforces the law: Maine Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Standards