Workers in Arizona have the right to paid time off to vote, if there aren't 3 hours in a row before or after their shift when they could vote.

You have to have 3 hours before or after your shift while the polls are open. If you don't, then you have a right to time off to vote during your shift. You have a right to have up to 3 hours to vote -- counting the total of time before or after your shift and whatever time off you have to take off from work.

  • Your boss decides when to schedule it.
  • You have to tell your boss at least 1 day before the election that you want time off to vote.
  • The time off to vote is paid.
  • Employers can be fined if they don't let workers take time off to vote.
  • It's a good idea to keep proof that you voted that you can give your boss.

The law: Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 16-401 & 402